Friday, August 21, 2015

Senior Year

     Wow. It has been FOREVER since I last posted. And, as may of you may know, I always say that it has been forever since I have written, but this is serious. I just checked and blogger said that it had been 2 months.... yeah, you read that right, 2 WHOLE MONTHS since I have last blogged. That's insane and I am so sorry for that.
     So now you are all probably wondering "Suze, since you haven't blogged in 2 months, what the heck have you been doing?" I don't blame you for wondering. I don't think I have ever gone 2 months without blogging. But for you curious souls out there, I spent yet another summer at one of my favorite places in the entire world: summer camp. I don't know what it is about that place but I just can't get enough of it. So, to show you just a little bit of what I did this summer, here are some pictures!

Me waking Dave up form a little nap before more training!
Dave (left) and Max (center) stole my phone and sat on me while taking this picture.
     The summer started off just dandy. The first two weeks of camp are training weeks. The first of the two is certification week. During this week our lifeguards and ropes staff get certified in their designated areas .This is my second year of being a lifeguard at camp. Last year I got certified so I didn't have to get re-certified this year. That basically means that the entire week I was the drowning victim for our new lifeguards.
booyaaahhh for small craft certification with Caito (left) and Max (right)
     Wanna know what's awesome? Caito makes videos on YouTube and she documented both of these weeks! Here are some videos of what actually happened!

     After those 2 weeks camp rookie camp. Rookie camp is a week long session specifically designed for kids that have never been to sleep away camp before. It is a long and hard week, but really rewarding at the same time. For the entire summer I lived in a cabin called Chickasaw with some amazing counselors and campers. The girls in my cabin were between the ages of 11 and 13. While at times they were a difficult bunch, they were so much fun and I am so happy to have had the privilege to be with them.
     Once rookie week came to a close, our regular sessions began. Our normal camp consists of 3, 2 week sessions and my oh my did those weeks fly by! This year I was the assistant waterfront director so I spent the majority of my time by the pool or the lake life guarding! Here are some pictures from those 6 weeks!

(l to r: Meg, Pip, Nadine, Me, Haris, Sophie)
These are some of my absolute best friends. I'm so lucky to have friends from all over the world!

some of my awesome campers!

Max and I were in charge of the waterfront this year.

On one of our off days Meg, Pip, Haris, Nadine and I went to the beach!

Lake Compounce day off!

More Lake Compounce!

(l to r: Pip, Maddie and me)
Doing what lifeguards do best!

Day off in Boston!

And then MARY HUGHES came to visit!!!!

Saying by to Mary was probably one of the saddest days of the summer.

Casino night theme opening dinner!

(l to r: Pip, Mac and Me!)

my cozy corner in Chickasaw!

     So that was basically my summer in a nutshell. I had a fantastic time and I miss it so much when I am away. It is scary to think that on Monday, I will be making the trek back up to SMC to start my first semester of senior year (after preseason, of course!) I can't wait to see what this semester has in store!

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