Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Best

     Holy guacamole. It has been nearly four weeks since I have posted. WHAT THE HECK SUSANNA. GET WITH IT. But seriously. I am so sorry for the lack of posts lately. The past four weeks have been a whirlwind of moving in, preseason, classes, rugby and just a whole bunch of other things. I am happy to say that I am finally starting to feel settled in my new living situation for junior year and I am currently loving every second.
     So, as stated above, I've been a tad busy. So, to kind of narrow things down I have picked a few of my favorite things lately. They range in topics, so just bear with me.

SONG// Wowza. I have been listening to A TON of music lately. I have a strange taste in music. I  pretty much like everything. A perfect thing that often helps me find new music is Spotify. Man, I love Spotify. It's pre-made playlists are amazing and it helps me to find new music that I would have never heard of otherwise. Some of my recent favorites are:

     -Shut Up and Dance: Walk the Moon
     -OctaHate: Ryn Weaver
     -Beware the Dog- The Griswalds
     -Don't Wait- Mapei

SUITE// ohhhhmygoodness. I love my suite. But seriously. It is pretty much the best place in the world. I am living with amazing people which makes everything 1000xs better. We finally finished decorating our common room and we are all in love with it. Honestly, we spend way too much time in the common room. On Tuesday and Friday nights we are pretty much all sitting in there watching TLC and just joking around. My room is also amazing. This is my first time having my own room at SMC and granted it gets lonely at times, but it is nice to have my own space. Plus, I loved decorating it!
MY ROOM! I am literally in love with my room. 
(our amazing common room. We have finally finished decorating! Thanks to Candice for taking the picture)

SCHOOL// If you haven't already guessed by my previous posts, I love school. I really do. And this semester is no different. I adore all of my classes. This semester I am taking Photo Journalism, Philosophy of Ethics, Early Latin America and Race and Ethnic Relations. Even though they are a lot of work already, I really enjoy the work that I am doing for them. They constantly keep me engaged and the material is extremely interesting.

RUGBY//  Rugby has been amazing the past couple of weeks. Our first conference game was yesterday and we were all very pleased with the outcome. We beat Providence College 62-5. It was so nice to be out on that pitch again playing with some of my best friends. It was also great to see a bunch of alumni that came back to watch the game. Preseason happened a few weeks ago and it was amazing. Although it was really tiring it was so much fun. We had a camp during the weekend of preseason and Jamie Burke, a USA Women's National player and Candi Orsini, a USA National coach came and taught us some amazing skills. It was a long few days but it was so worth it.
(Rugby camp with the Burlington Women's team.)

TREATS// I don't normally gravitate towards sweets, I tend to prefer salty things. But one of my friend's mom made some AMAZING treats for us in the past few weeks. Her homemade granola bars were heavenly and just when we thought it couldn't get any better we were given cookies and cream cupcakes. HOLY GOODNESS. They are so good.

MEMORY//You are probably sick of hearing about summer camp. But I am sorry, I just can't talk about it enough. I love the place. Earlier today I was looking back at pictures from it and it just reminded me how much I miss it. If you have not considered working at a summer camp, well then, you seriously should. I can't suggest it enough and I miss it every day. The friends and memories that I made at camp are ones that will last a lifetime.
(l to r: Max, Jordan, Me)
Lifeguard training with these two goons!
(Nicole and I at our Fairy Tale staff dinner! She was Mulan and I was Flounder from the Little Mermaid!)

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