Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Forgotten Things that Shouldn't be Forgotten

I am moving into my junior year dorm in a matter of days. WHAT!? Junior year!? WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE. Where have my college years gone?! But for now, that rant is besides the point. I like to think that in my past 2 full years of college I have compiled a list of things that are necessary for dorm life. Sadly, these are things that I often forget to pack. Therefore, I figured I could compile a little list for all of you!

1. Umbrella/Rain Coat/ Wellies: I PROMISE you that you will get use out of these items. We can only wish that classes would get cancelled over a little rain, but I assure you, they do not. Keep these items in your closet because no one wants to sit in class dripping wet.

2. Baby Wipes: You may be like, Susanna, why the heck would I need baby wipes. I had the same thought so don't worry. But let me tell you, these things are a gift from the heaven. They are great for make up wipes, a quick cleaner to dirty surfaces and awesome for a quick hand cleaner. Trust me, you will not be disappointed with a pack of these in your room!

3. Flash Drive: This one seems pretty obvious but I forgot one my freshman and sophomore year. Good one Suze. I now use my flash drive so often that it always have one (or 2) in my backpack at any given time!

4. Dust pan/Vacuum: As much as I hate to admit it, my room gets messy. A dust pan or vacuum is super quick and helps to pick up dirt and other stuff that lurks on your dorm room floor.

5. Portable Speakers: The past two years I have brought portable speakers with me and they have been amazing. They were great for movie nights in our rooms or shower parties with music.Trust me, loud portable speakers will make you a star at school!

6. Air Fresheners: I like things that smell good. It is as simple as that.

7. Water Bottle: At SMC one of the things that you will see constantly are students carrying water bottles. We ALL have water bottles. They are super convenient and help to keep you hydrated.

8. Door Stop: For the first few weeks this is crucial. You may find it super tempting to sit in your room alone and watch KnightFlix by yourself because it is super easy. Keep your door open whenever your are in your room the first week and it will help you to meet all of the people on your floor and make some amazing friends (I Met some of my best friends my first week at school).


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